Zero Administration Personal Team Website

Easy & Accessible team website

Teamteam provides a website for all members at that updates itself.

Create your own personal team website in one minute!

Creating a personal team website is really easy and takes only 3 simple steps.
  1. Upload a team photo
  2. Wirte a short description of your team.
  3. Add some contact information.
And you are done!

Next you can choose which additional content shall be displayed on your team website. You can select "list of team members", "next 10 events", "latest team talk" to add some more content to your page.
Don't worry about updating the list of team members or the list of events. Teamteam will do that for you automatically.

Amazing automatically updating Features

List of team members

Select this option to display the list of your team members. You do not have to maintain this list yourself! teamteam will do this for you based on the current list of members registered in your team.

Next 10 events

If you select this option the next 10 events of you team will be displayed on your team website. Name of event, date, time, location and description will be displayed.
You do not have to update this section. teamteam will do this for you automatically.

Latest team talk

To display the latest messages that you posted in teamteam select this option.
The name of the author of the message and the message content will be displayed.
This section will also be automatically updated by teamteam. The last ten messages will be displayed on you team website.